Journey Girls.....3
..... Traveling To Indy

Forever Connected Through Hearts and Highways
Journey Girls…..3…..Traveling to Indy, takes place one year after the marriage of DOC and Meg, the death of Miss Kate, and the addition of beautiful baby Katherine Elinor who is fondly called “Katie.”

Anna and JFJ are seeking love and approval from family and friends as they advance their relationship.

Life has taken many twists and turns for everyone, but especially Meghan. As she stands at her farmhouse sink looking out the window, she watches DOC pushing Katie in her baby swing hanging from the old oak tree. She sees the bright sun reflecting off of his wide gold wedding ring. She wonders, is this a dream? No, she quickly tells herself. The nightmares of years past, of Jack’s death, of surviving the pain and grief, are over. She walks out through the garden full of color and fragrance to DOC and Katie, as big strong hands circle her shoulders. Baby kisses, jabber, teething rings, and wedding rings are new blessings.

Meg and Ellie are each thriving in their businesses and as always, in full support of each other. Meg has developed Marigold’s to include additional Interior Design classes to complement her ever-growing consulting business. Grandma Annabelle would be so very proud of Ellie, who has taken the famous Annabelle’s Bakery to now include a trendy café. The breakfast, brunch, and lunch menu is very much the hit of Savannah.

Anna has a new project and she is happily painting a mural on Katie’s walls and sparkling stars on her ceiling that will glow in the dark. She has taken her “godmom” role very seriously and she is totally in love with baby Katie.

Lucy has a new friend. A new princess now shares everyone’s attention and occasionally crawls toward Lucy’s water bowl, spilling it.

Life is full of family and friends, and then the unthinkable, unbelievable, unexplainable happens when Jeff arrives in Savannah.