Pj’s, Pearls, and Fishing Poles:
Life Lessons of Style and Substance

Wonderful Book

A collection of stories about the love provided by Hospice care. Each chapter ends with a life lesson. This book should be required reading for anyone providing Hospice care. It is also a comfort for families and loved ones that have lost someone, or who are caring for someone who is struggling with illness. “Life Lessons” for all.
Bonnie L Bowen

Uplifting messages for life

It was an outstanding portrayal of people’s lives and choices, and a testimony to the human spirit. Memorable segments memorable spirits memorable stories.
Penny Wright

Stories that will touch your heart

This is a lovely heartwarming and easy read about hospice patients who are in their last season of life. The author worked in hospice and tells the stories of these patients lives in a touching and honorable way. I enjoyed the characters and their stories and loved learning a bit more about what hospice does for people and how it works. It is a feel good book. I also love that a percentage of the proceeds from the book are being donated to hospice. Truly heartwarming.
Tracy Line

Awesome book!

This book is well written and tells several short stories about real life experiences with hospice patients from the perspective of those who care for them. Very well written. Highly recommended!
Debi Binkley

Heartwarming stories about brave people at the end of their …

Heartwarming stories about brave people at the end of their lives, and the families that suffer with them. Inspirational to anyone facing a life-threatening illness.
T.C. Winters