An Empty Chair


by Penny Davis

Hospice Executive ,Memoirist and Published Author

It is cold and snowy outside

Tiny colorful lights twinkle through window panes

Families gather to celebrate the holidays

But, a chair is empty

Inside, the home is filled with an amazing aroma

Turkeys and hams are baking

Pies, cakes and frosted cookies line the buffet

But, a chair is empty

The tree is surrounded by gifts

Beautifully wrapped in red and green paper adorned with ribbon

Children are squealing with happiness

But, a chair is empty

Emotions run high and low

Families celebrate and make new memories

Cameras snap new family pictures

But, a chair is empty

December, the end of a memorable year

December, still a holiday celebration

December, remembering those who are no longer with us

A chair is empty but, all hearts come home for Christmas

About The Author

Penny Davis recently retired after 54 years in health care with many as a Vice President and Executive Director of Hospice. She is dedicated to Hospice, and serves on the Board of IHPCO. She has written and published a book honoring Hospice patients, families and Interdisciplinary Teams. Read about “PJ’s, Pearls, and Fishing Poles” at

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