Meet Author Penny Davis

Book signing event at Ruth's Cafe Indianapolis, Indiana

Penny Davis retired a few years ago after 55 years in healthcare. She started as a nurse and then moved on to leadership positions as a Vice President. The last 30 years she worked in Hospice. It is an amazing program of care that touched her heart and soul every single day. When she retired she immediately began to serve on a Board (IHPCO) promoting Hospice and Palliative Care, signed up to volunteer for a local Hospice and then wrote her first book. PJ’s, Pearls, and Fishing Poles is a book honoring patients, families and caregivers. It is NOT a book about death but about the heart and soul of living. Penny Davis says, she “needed” to write the book as a capstone to her career.

Penny Davis found a love of writing and a second career.

PJ’s, Pearls and Fishing Poles: Life Lessons of Style and Substance.

Penny has written the “Journey Girl Series” which is a work of fiction but about all of the things that she holds dear.  “Journey Girls….@ Marigold’s”“Journey Girls…..2….In The Garden ”“Journey Girls…..3…..Traveling To Indy”. Family, friends, interior design, gardening and of course brunch at her favorite cafe. It is full of life, lessons that we learn, compassion and learning to forgive when you think that it isn’t possible.

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