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The Power of Friendship

Journey Girls is a well constructed story about the importance and power of the friendship of women. Friendship binds not only generations of women in this story, but new friendships as well. It has elements of mystery and the paranormal. The descriptions of Savannah and its gardens are spectacular. This novel is an inspirational journey each reader will be happy she took.
Brenda Stewart

A story that we can all appreciate

This was a wonderful story and a comforting read. Just when I thought I knew where the story was going, it took a turn. I enjoyed finding myself in this story, its location, and characters. I appreciated the friendships described in the story and they made me reminisce about my own. I loved the ending and look forward to seeing the movie version of this!
Amazon Customer

Finally, a book that lives up to its hype …

Finally, a book that lives up to its hype! The character development, the relationships, the setting – I felt connected to it from page 1. You just know you’re going to want to hear more from this author.
Penny C

Journey Girls…..2
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An amazing journey with the Journey Girls in this sequel…can’t wait for Journey Girls 3!

Journey Girls 2 continues the wonderful story of the Journey Girls outlining the power of forgiveness, the hope of the future and moving forward, and the true meanings of friendship. Penny Davis’ descriptive art style makes you feel as if you are actually sitting in the garden in Savannah as these various friendships continue to unfold and grow. We anxiously await Journey Girls 3 and are so hopeful that one day we will see this trilogy made into a movie for all to see!
Debi Binkley, RP, IRP

Wonderfully warm story

I enjoyed this sequel and Penny doesn’t disappoint with appealing characters and real dialogue. Her stories make me feel as if I know these women and I enjoy them! Looking forward to book three!

They feel like old friends….

I was excited to have a chance to reconnect with the characters in this series! Since reading the first book, they had come to seem like old friends with whom I share much in common. I sincerely hope there will be more books to come!
Penny Rodriguez

Journey Girls…..3
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Extraordinary Trilogy of Friendships, & Forgiveness 

This is the third and last in a series of Journey Girls books by Penny Davis. Outstanding story with many twists and turns. Intertwined relationships dealing with loss, forgiveness, moving on, friendships and more. Beautifully written. Would make a great movie!! Highly recommended!!

Debi Binkley, RP, IRP