Journey Girls…..
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The Power of Friendship

Journey Girls is a well constructed story about the importance and power of the friendship of women. Friendship binds not only generations of women in this story, but new friendships as well. It has elements of mystery and the paranormal. The descriptions of Savannah and its gardens are spectacular. This novel is an inspirational journey each reader will be happy she took.
Brenda Stewart

A story that we can all appreciate

This was a wonderful story and a comforting read. Just when I thought I knew where the story was going, it took a turn. I enjoyed finding myself in this story, its location, and characters. I appreciated the friendships described in the story and they made me reminisce about my own. I loved the ending and look forward to seeing the movie version of this!
Amazon Customer

Finally, a book that lives up to its hype …

Finally, a book that lives up to its hype! The character development, the relationships, the setting – I felt connected to it from page 1. You just know you’re going to want to hear more from this author.
Penny C

I love the women in this book

I love the women in this book; they are characters who are so real and authentic, a lot like Penny (the author) herself. I could not put this book down, and just so enjoyed the setting, the relationships and the hopefulness of this story. I am hosting a book party for Penny to celebrate her writing success and to help spread the word of this interesting book among my women friends.

Many Life Lessons – So Powerful, Yet Soft and Comforting!!

This book is so powerful, yet soft and comforting. Many life lessons woven into “girls” of all ages who totally connect. Family, friends, a healing garden, forgiveness, moving forward, savvy business women, integrity, the list goes on…plus, you can actually “feel” the setting in the beautiful gardens and historic Savannah with a touch of the Midwest and you can “feel” the joy, the pain, the renewal… GREAT book! Highly recommended!!!
Debi Binkley, RP, IRP

A Thoughtful Book

I loved reading this book! It was warm and also touched on a delicate subject manner in a thoughtful, hopeful way. I enjoyed getting to know the characters and their friendships, new and old. Penny Davis has a great writing style that is easy to read and comforting. I highly recommend this book! It’s a quick and easy read!

An Enjoyable Read!!

Loved this book !!!! Penny has a wonderful way of transporting you into the story. I could not put this book down! The storyline has so many facets- love, loss, friendship, and a little mystery as well.

Always be open to new friendships…

This one will hook you from the start! I thoroughly enjoyed following this heartwarming story of friends both old and new as they each were on a journey of personal growth and disovery. If you also enjoy books that transport you to another place, then Journey Girls is a must read!

Fantastic friendship story.

This is a warm captivating story with many facets. The characters really came to life – I could picture myself in Savannah connecting with these girlfriends. I love the life lessons that are woven throughout the book. A definite read!!!! Well written!!!