Journey Girls.....
.....@ Marigold’s

Friendship Binds Generations Of Women Together

Journey Girls…..@Marigold’s is an unforgettable story about the power of women and their life-long friendships. Helping and healing, these women discovered a mystery last year which unfolded in modern-day Savannah.

Meghan Kingston, an Interior Decorator, opened Marigold’s, an interior design business complete with a classroom and complemented with an antique shop and garden. Marigold’s is a business that she opened after her husband Jack died ten years ago in a tragic accident. Ellie Hall inherited Annabelle’s Bakery from her grandmother and expanded the business to include a trendy breakfast café. Meg and Ellie have been friends since they wore their Brownie uniforms to troop meetings in second grade.

Anna, Ellie’s daughter, is an amazing, spirited young girl who is wise beyond her years. She is an art student at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD), which perfectly matches her vibrant personality.

Jenny Thompson from Indianapolis was attending a writing conference in Atlanta when she decided, on a whim, to drive the three hours to Savannah to buy her mother, Karen Ashland, a birthday gift from her mother’s childhood hometown. She intended to buy a beautiful vintage cake stand to display her mother’s seventieth birthday cake, but Jenny discovers much more than a birthday gift in Savannah; she also discovered a story that forged friendships and careers out of tragedy.

Miss Kate, well, she was a delightful surprise to everyone.

And then there is “Lovey,” the little girl ghost who wears a pink sundress, pigtails, and the half-heart gold necklace. She appears so often in Meg’s mirrors that Meg isn’t sure if she still lives there or just loves to visit.