Journey Girls.....2 the Garden

Family, Friends, Forgiveness and Futures
Journey Girls…..2…..In the Garden, takes place one year later and is the continued journey of these special friends and their ongoing friendships.

John Franklin, Jr.—“JFJ”—was released from prison after serving ten years for the death of Jack in a traffic accident. His first stop last year was to apologize to Meghan, but it also started a chain of events.

Denton Owen Carter—“DOC”—is an ER physician who happened to meet Meg at Marigold’s when he stopped to do an errand. They soon discovered that he also happened to be one of the doctors on duty the day of Jack’s death.

Mary Ann arrived in Savannah last year after Stella, her sweet mother, died suddenly from a stroke. She discovered several surprises, all good, including new friends at Marigold’s and Annabelle’s. It has been a big decision, but the right one, to return to her childhood home instead of selling it. Meg is helping her to renovate the space so not only can she call it home again, but so she can move her child psychology practice from New York to the space that her mother formerly used to tutor school children.

Lovey, the much-loved little girl ghost in all of Meg’s mirrors, is actually Patty. She is loved by everyone involved in this incredible life journey.